This summer, Aquatec Group has launched a Summer of Suspension campaign to mark 25 years of instrumentation for successful sediment monitoring. Between the months of June and August 2016, Aquatec will be kicking off a number of sediment themed activities, from hosting Equipment Awards to launching a photo competition.

25 years ago Aquatec’s Managing Director, Andy Smerdon, engineered the first acoustic backscatter system, which later evolved into the company’s market leading AQUAscat 1000. Since then Aquatec has developed innovative, cutting-edge instruments and systems for measuring sediment and turbidity.

To celebrate 25 years of expertise in sediment monitoring, the company wants you to get involved. Aquatec will be launching a number of events, including a sediment special Equipment Awards and a photo contest. On top of this, the company will be sharing their knowledge and experiences on their website. Click here to find out what is to come or follow @AquatecGroup on Twitter.