Seeing is believing – the advantages of subsea LCD displays



When you think of a subsea display, you most likely think of a large LED display with a chunky battery pack. This may have been the case in the past but now there is a new generation of displays that use LCD technology. Not only do the new displays have more detailed screens and greater functionality, they are smaller and more compact to greater depths, as well as being clearly seen under ROV or diver lights. Aquatec’s AQUAdisp uses this technology – let’s have a look at some of the advantages…

1. Multiple parameters on one screen

The LCD display allows multiple parameters to be displayed on one screen, giving you an overview of 3 or 4 parameters in a single glance.


2. Many different screens

If you are using a multi-parameter probe or complex system with many parameters, multiple screens can run in sequence with timings to suit the application.


3. Graphical display

As well as showing real time values, the AQUAdisp allows you to view 30 readings on a graph, either single values or averaged, giving you an ‘at a glance’ view of your deployment history. This is particularly useful for applications such as hydrotest monitoring, where you can view an entire test on one screen.


4. Small and compact

LCD screens come in many sizes and can be very small. As well as Aquatec’s compact AQUAdisp LCD display, we have incorporated them into plug in modules for our next generation loggers (AQUAlogger 310TY). The small footprint expands the possibilities for integration.


5. Low power

Aquatec’s AQUAdisp subsea display is a low power device and is designed to run from an instruments’ own power supply or subsea battery pack, removing the hassle of switching the display on and off underwater.


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