The Great Aquatec Bake Off


Inspired by the Great British Bake Off, here at Aquatec we thought we would have a go - and so the Great Aquatec Bake Off was born! Instead of a marathon 10 weeks, we embarked on a 2 week bake off journey, filled with tasty treats, cheesy classic puns and surprisingly few baking disasters. 

Challenge 1 – savoury week

The first show stopper challenge was aptly themed – oceans! Any dish was allowed, as long as it was edible, savoury and had something to do with oceans.

The entries

 Bake Off - savoury week

And the winner is…

Star Baker was deservedly awarded to Anand, with his delicious cream cheese and mushroom oysters. 


Challenge 2 – sweet week

The second show stopper challenge had a spooky theme – Halloween…

The entries

 Bake Off - sweet week

And the winner is…

The second and final Star Baker was Jennifer, with her disturbingly realistic but amazingly delicious cake – The Brain!

 The Brain

The first Aquatec Bake Off was a great success - I wonder if we can fit a tent in the car park for next year…