Aquatec offers three methods of measuring suspended sediment concentration - optical backscatter, multi-frquency acoustics and secchi discs.

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solutions instrumentAQUAlogger 210TY turbidity logger - Aquatec Group

The AQUAlogger 210 turbidity, temperature and pressure logger is a compact, self contained data logger. The instrument measures turbidity, and optionally temperature and pressure to depths of 4000m. It is suitable for use in freshwater and marine environments. Measuring only 300mm in length with a 60mm diameter, the AQUAlogger 210 is easy to deploy and operate. The internal batteries last up to a year, depending on the sampling regime. The instrument has real time reporting capability as standard and pressure to depth conversion on models with pressure. The AQUAlogger 210 now comes with the SSC Converter to make calculating suspended sediment concentration simple.

Key Features

  • Self-contained logger
  • To 4000m depth
  • Optional temperature and pressure sensors
  • Continuous and burst sampling regimes
  • 1Hz maximum sampling rate
  • Real time reporting capability as standard
  • SSC Converter


  • Oceanographic and environmental assessment / research
  • Water quality monitoring for EIA and aquaculture
  • Dredge plume monitoring
  • Silt monitoring for hydropower plants
  • Turbidity monitoring during construction

Auto-gain Function

One of the key features of the AQUAlogger 210TY is the auto-gain function. Once selected, the logger selects the most suitable turbidity range. This is useful when studying environments with significant variability and means key events are captured.


Wipers are available to reduce the impact of biofouling on the sensor. .

solutions instrument Secchi disc - KC-Denmark

Secchi Discs are circular discs used to measure water transparency in oceans and lakes. The disc is mounted on a pole or line, and lowered slowly down into the water. The depth at which the pattern on the disk is no longer visible is taken as a measure of the transparency of the water. This measure is known as the Secchi depth and is related to water turbidity. Available in 2 sizes, both Secchi discs are made of 10 mm VIKUPOR SC white PVC plates. A lead weight is mounted in the bottom.

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AQUAscat 1000R AQUAscat acoustic profilers - Aquatec Group

The AQUAscat 1000 range of acoustic suspended sediment profilers transmit pulses of high frequency sound on multiple transducers operating at different frequencies. They measure the sound scattered by sediment and other suspended materials at discrete spatial intervals. The backscatter is then processed to calculate mean particle size and suspended sediment concentration.

The instrument is most suitable for particle sizes between 20 μm and 500 μm radius and concentrations of 0.01 g/l to 20 g/l over 1 m, or more over a shorter range. Most AQUAscat instruments have integrated temperature and depth sensors to provide operators with a better understanding of the water environment. Some instruments have the option to integrate a turbidity sensor to provide a separate single point measurement of turbidity, giving optical measurements as well as acoustic. The AQUAscat 1000 range provides valuable knowledge on the sediment processes taking place. This can be done at a single location to produce a time series or via transects to observe spatial variability. AQUAscat 1000 instruments can observe profiles of less than 1 m to 10 m (depending on the model), to provide information on the sediment processes close to the bed or in the water column.

Benefits of Using Acoustics
  • Low maintenance
  • High immunity to biofouling
  • Provides profiles of up to 10m
  • Suitable for unattended operation
  • Non intrusive
  • Flexible sampling