Aquatec’s strength lies in our ability to produce custom engineered solutions to diverse subsea measurement and communication problems.

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Aquatec Design

Using the core Aquatec technologies of logging, acoustics and subsea communication, we design and supply systems to meet your particular requirements. Through communication and consultation, we work with you to find the optimum solution to meet your measurement and communication needs, selecting our own instrumentation when design cycles need to be rapid, or integrating instruments from many third party instrumentation providers when appropriate.

In house technologies such as data loggers, displays, acoustic modems, optical modems, switches, and clamps provide the building blocks for our bespoke systems.

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communication design icon                                                                              parameters offshore                                                                                                           WaveCircle

Structures, cables, pipelines Water quality (seawater, injected water) Hydrodynamics
Motion, Tension Turbidity, Temperature Waves, Tide
Pipeline Pressure, Temperature Pressure, Depth Water level, Currents
Leak Detection Chlorophyll, CDOM, PAR
Flow Salinity, DO, pH, Redox

Instrumentationsolutions instrument

Aquatec designs subsea instrumentation to measure a variety of parameters (see above) for a wide range of applications, incorporating third party sensors, data logging, custom electronics and housing design as required.


Communication & Display

AQUAmodemop1Integrated Communication

Aquatec first launched a subsea communication system in 1997 - the first acoustic AQUAmodem. Since then, we have developed three AQUAmodem technologies that we integrate into custom engineered solutions for subsea monitoring. In additional, we provide advice and assistance on the best communication methods for your project.

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aqua disp jpegIn 2015, Aquatec launched the AQUAdisp™ - a revolutionary new subsea display, designed to offer a compact and low power alternative to other comparable instruments. The AQUAdisp can monitor up to 16 parameters and display them over 4 screens. Data can also be presented graphically (on 16 graphs), with the last 33 measurements being shown on each compact plot. The low power technology means there is no need to turn it on or off.

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We can design a system for an extensive range of applications. Find out about our capabilities.



Aquatec Group employs highly qualified engineering personnel with extensive expertise in oceanographic and offshore applications. In-house expertise includes:

  • Oceanographic instrumentation
  • Low power data loggers
  • Digital signal processing
  • Temperature and pressure measurement
  • Temperature and pressure measurement
  • Suspended sediment acoustic characteristics
  • High frequency acoustics
  • Underwater sound propagation
  • Underwater acoustic communication
  • Marine mammal acoustics
  • Cathodic protection

    Case Studies

    cable motion monitoringCABLE MOTION MONITORING

    High speed, multi-axis monitoring of power export cable motion on an offshore wind-farm, including integration of acoustic monitoring of waves and currents, and real-time networking back to shore.




    The sensor and integrated system above was developed to monitor the particulate content in a subsea water injection system. The equipment includes a subsea data logger, ROV-readable display, flange-mounted particle sensor, rechargeable battery pack, and cable harness, all rated for 3000m water depth.




    The system incorporates HYDROlog hydrotest data loggers, AQUAmodem Op1 optical through-water communications link, AQUAswitch ROV-operable underwater switch, subsea display, rechargeable battery pack, and a variety of custom cable assemblies for a complete hydrotest monitoring skid.



    Acoustic Communication