Subsea switch - to 4000m

Ideal for integration in subsea systems

Save memory and battery life with the AQUAswitch…

…giving safe and reliable activation of your submerged equipment.

Designed for use in shallow and deep water conditions, the AQUAswitch is a simple to use switch that can be combined with subsea instruments and systems. Now you can activate and deactivate your equipment securely at any point during deployment.


Compatible with...

  • HYDROlog 2000, AQUAlogger 210/540, AQUAdisp
  • Third party instruments: Max switching voltage of 30 VDC, max switching current of 500 mA



    Robust design

    • The AQUAswitch is hard-wearing, making it ideal for long-term deployments.
    • The switch is designed to be manually turned on or off by an ROV or diver - underwater vibrations or materials won’t affect the condition of the switch.

    Save energy

    • The AQUAswitch gives you the power to turn off your instruments at any given time, to prevent the wastage of memory and battery life, saving you both time and money in the field.
    • No power is needed to operate the switch.

    Easy to use

    • The device can be singlehandedly operated by a diver or ROV.
    • The switch is easy to integrate within an existing system .

Technical specification

Maximum voltage rating

30 VDC

Maximum current rating

500 mA


NO/NC contact (user changeable)




2 mounting holes

Maximum depth

4000 m


180 mm diameter x 125 mm (excluding connector)


3.75 kg

Compatible with

HYDROlog 2000, AQUAlogger 540/210, AQUAdisp